Hi there, fellow adventurer!

My name is Dean, Aka Smeegz and I like to get outdoors from time to time.

I originally created Smeegz Outdoors as a way to create YouTube videos and share my passion for the outdoors.

It quickly become a bit more than just video creation. Being outdoors became my medicine for both my physical and mental health. 

Now I aim to show others how they can do the same, why I love the outdoors, and point people in the right direction for the right support.

Here’s my first (and most popular) YouTube video that started this all.

Join me around the campfire!

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The outdoors means more to me than just going for hike. For a long time now I have suffered with my mental health. As with a lot of people I was struggling with anxiety, was getting depressed and also suffered with dissociation.

But it was in June 2019 I finally got diagnosed (after nearly 3 years of waiting) as autistic. I was told that everyone is currently diagnosed as having ASC, but to categorise it further, I would be classed as having Asperger Syndrome

This didn’t really come as a surprise, as I knew deep down that this was likely to be the case. I often found myself feeling ‘different’, and although the diagnoses doesn’t change who I am or how I act, it does help me identify myself more.

With the constant battle of my mental health, it wasn’t until I first went wild camping that I truly understood the power of the outdoors for both mental and physical health. I felt at ease, my mind was clear for the first time in a long time and I was able to see where I was headed in life. 

After speaking with other people who also suffer and use the outdoors as a way to medicate, it became apparent that there is a lot of people in this world that are suffering, that could get some relief by just getting out more. 

This is why I started Smeegz Outdoors. I want more people to feel happy, get healthier and experience what this world already has to offer. 

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